SH15 series 10kV amorphous alloy iron core three-phase oil immersed distribution transformer

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    The SBH15-M products meet the national standard GB1094 "power transformer" and JB/T10318-2002 "oil immersed amorphous alloy core distribution transformer technical parameters and requirements".
    Amorphous alloy core transformer is a new energy-saving product. The core is made of amorphous alloy strip, and the no-load loss is reduced by more than 75% than that of the current S11 distribution transformer.
    Amorphous alloy is a new type of strip. Amorphous alloy has no crystal structure, small magnetization power and high electrical resistivity, so eddy current loss is small. Using this material to make iron core can produce a new energy-saving transformer, which is an ideal product for upgrading distribution network.
    The iron core is a reel core structure, three phase five column, and the cross section is rectangular.
    The coil is rectangular, high pressure is made of acetal enameled wire, low voltage using oxygen free copper wire or copper foil coil to increase the ability of transformer to withstand short circuit.
    Dyn11 is adopted in the connection group of transformer to avoid the influence of high order harmonics, the ability of resisting unbalanced load is strong, and the quality of power supply is greatly improved.
    The transformer uses the vacuum oil injection to completely eliminate the air bubbles in the coil to ensure the stability of the insulation performance.
    Cancel the storage cabinet, by the radiator instead of tubing as cooling components, fuel tank with air cushion, with the transformer oil volume expansion and compression, transformer oil and atmosphere, and to prevent the deterioration of slow oil and moisture insulation, enhanced reliability, normal operation and maintenance free.

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