SCBH15- amorphous alloy dry transformer

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Product features
Resin cast amorphous alloy dry type transformer is a dry type transformer that encapsulated high and low voltage winding with amorphous alloy core as magnetic conducting material and thin layer epoxy resin casting.
The low voltage winding adopts steel foil winding, a high-voltage coil with high strength grade H paint encapsulation structure of epoxy resin and glass fiber reinforced wire, has good moisture resistance and crack resistance. The core is composed of amorphous alloy strip rolled.
The numerical load loss than the GB/T10228-1997 group decreased 75% provisions of table 4.

Product standard
The GB6450-68 dry type power transformer
The GB/T10228-1997 dry type power transformer and the requirements of technical data

Normal use conditions
The altitude does not exceed 1000m of the indoor or outdoor
The maximum ambient temperature +40 of the highest daily mean temperature +30
The highest annual mean temperature +20 the minimum temperature of 5 degrees
You can provide the transformer operation in special conditions, according to the request of users.

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