YB-PRE Compact substations series(European box variable)

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YB-PRE Compact substations series(European box variable) Product Introduction
YB type compact substations and says Europe type box change,GB17467-1998 product conforms to the high and low voltage substation "and IEC1330 preinstalled type,such as a new standard for power distribution equipment,it than conventional civil substation has many advantages.Because of its small volume,cover an area of an area small,compact structure,easy to move,thus greatly shorten the construction period and covers an area of,also reduced the infrastructure expenses.Meanwhile,the box-type convering stations on site installation is simple,rapid,equipment maintenance simple power substation,without special,especially it can further load centers,to improve the quality of power supply reduce power loss,enhance the reliability and power of distribution network re-election are improtant.Complete electricty transformation change box,the distribution,transmission,measurement,compensation,system control,protection and communications function.

By high-voltage switchgear YBengineering-type substation,low-voltage distribution screen,distribution transformer and shell with a combination of four section,high-pressure air load switch,transformer for dry type transformer or oil-immersed transformer.Cabinet adopted good insulation ventilation structure,appearance beautiful generous,heat insulation performance is good,and the upper body sets,outdoor ventilated for every shot ducts and high or low voltage transformer room temperature can reduce the room caused to a minimum.The cabinet to furnish temperature control forced ventilation device and automatic temperature control device sun.Each independent units installed perfect control,protection,charged display and lighting system.

YB-PRE Compact Substations Series(European Box Variable)Application Scope
Applicable to below 35KV voltage,etc,the main transofrmer capacity 5000KVA and below small substations,widely used in substation halling city industry substation,consumers 10KV ring net system,rural 35KV substation and so on.

YB-PRE Compact Substations Series(European Box Variable)Main Function
Complete electricity transformation,distribute,transmit,measurement,compensation,the system of control,protection and communications functions.

YB-PRE Compact Substations Series(European Box Variable)Main Features
Will the primary and secondary equipment installed a protable sealed,temperature control,anticorrosive moistureproof antirust the cabinet,arriving at the just installed in cement basis.Has less investment,construction period is short,covers an area of less,easy and harmontous environment etc.Characteristics.

Technical Data Of YB Pre-installed Substation

项目 Item 单位Unit 参数Data
高压单元  HV 额定频率 Rated Frequecy Hz 50
额定电压 Rated Voltage kV 6 10 35
最高工作电压 Max Working Voltage kV 6.9 11.5  40.5

工频耐受电压 Industrial Requency Voltage-resisting

对地和相间/隔离断口 Time/solation Ballistic Voltage-resisting

kV 32/36  42/48 95/118

雷电冲击耐压 Thunderand Lighting Ballistic

对地和相间/隔离断口 Voltage-resisitng Time/aolation Sectional Port

kV 60/70  75/85  185/215
额定电流 Rated Current  A 400 630 
额定短时间受电流 Rated Brief-period Current-resisting kA 12.5(2S) 16(2s) 20(2s)
额定峰值耐受电流 Rated Crest Vake Current-resistong kA 32.5 40 50

低压单元 LV 额定电压 Rated Voltage V 380 220
主回路额定电流 Rated Current Of Major Return Circuit  A 100~3200
额定短时间受电流 Rated Short-circuit Current-resisiting kA 15 30 50
额定峰值耐受电流 Rated Crest Value Current-resisting  kA 30 63 110
支路电流 Branch Circuit A 10-800
分支回路数 Quantity Of Branch 1-12
补偿器量 Compensation Circuit kVAR 0-360
变压器单元Transforming 额定容量 Rated Capacity kVA 50-2000
短路阻抗 Short-circuit Impendance % 4 6
分接范围 Scope Of Brance Connection
±2*2.5%      ±5%
联接组别 Vector Group
Yyn0    Dyn11

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